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Importance of Tongue Exercise

Looking good. Selective focus on a serene retired man sitting in a hospital while checking his tonsils and throat.

The tongue is a critical organ in swallowing, providing the driving force that transport food and liquid through the mouth and pharynx.

Fatigue in the tongue muscles may contribute to incomplete food clearance, prolonged time to complete a meal and reduced intake (Angle Orthod. 2015; 86(2); 227).

This is a frequent problem in elderly, where decreased muscles tone is associated with swallowing difficulty. Furthermore, mouth breathing decreases chewing activity and can contribute to dysphagia (J. Oral Rehabil. 2012; 39(8); 559)

Tongue exercise increases tongue muscles tone to facilitate the process of swallowing, in addition, the correction of mouth breathing increases the chewing efficiency to facilitate swallowing.

Solutions for


MYOSPOTS are small, circular pads, made of biodegradable natural polymers that are safe for internal use. They have nice colours and flavours that give them a pleasant look and taste and are Vegan friendly.

Using MYOSPOTS daily for several months can help change the tongue posture to rest against the palate.

The MYOSPOTS tongue exercise can be employed in the treatment of a range of conditions that involve weakness of tongue muscles.

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