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Tongue Tie

Importance of Tongue Exercise

Boy of five years is making some tongue exercises. Closeup

Tongue-tie is a congenital abnormality of the lingual frenulum that limits the range of movement of the tongue resulting in interference with feeding and speech (J Appl Oral Sci. 2014; 22(3); 241).

The usual mode of treatment is surgery to remove the tongue-tie (frenotomy). However, after surgery the practitioner needs to prescribe tongue exercises to prevent reformation of the tongue-tie during the healing phase.

Tongue exercise is essential after surgery to entice the tongue to be raised to the roof of the mouth thus preventing reformation of tongue-tie. Furthermore, tongue exercise has been suggested as a pre-treatment before the surgery to prime the tongue in rising to the palate.

Solutions for

Tongue Tie

MYOSPOTS are small, circular pads, made of biodegradable natural polymers that are safe for internal use. They have nice colours and flavours that give them a pleasant look and taste and are Vegan friendly.

Using MYOSPOTS daily for several months can help change the tongue posture to rest against the palate.

The MYOSPOTS tongue exercise can be employed in the treatment of a range of conditions that involve weakness of tongue muscles.

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