Episode 30: The Goods on a Product Based Business (Myo Spots)

The Goods on a Product Based Business

In this episode, we have Dr. Shehab Faragallah. Dr. Shehab Faragallah is a dentist and a previous business owner of dental practice on the Gold Coast for 10 years. He has been working at Gold Coast holistic dental care since 2017. Dr. Faragallah practiced all facets of the field including cosmetic, general, pediatric, restorative, orthodontic […]

Episode 26: Diving Deep with Dr Ibrahim El-Deeb and Dr Sheehab Faragallah

the healthy habit hotseat podcast

Today I’m diving deep with Dr Ibrahim El-Deeb and Dr Sheehab Faragallah, the creators of Myospots, a revolutionary solution to helping anyone of any age reap the benefits of breathing through the nose. Hint: making this one small change can be absolutely life-changing in terms of your overall health.

How to Make Mewing EASY (Get Better Results)

How to Make Mewing EASY

Mewing can be difficult. In a sense, your tongue has a natural resting posture that it defaults to when you are not paying attention to it. The reality is, we spend most of our time not conscious of our tongue posture. How can we make it so that we are improving our tongue posture day […]

Tongue strength and Nasal breathing | Myospots solution to mouth breathing

Tongue Thrust Exercise

Mouth breathing is closely related to low resting tongue posture. By training the tongue to habitually elevate, the lips come together and nasal breathing is encouraged. Myospots are an easy to use solution to strengthening the tongue and encouraging nasal breathing. Simply place a Myospot on the “n” spot for 10 seconds and they stick. […]

Why mewing is not good enough by Dr. Shehab | Koko Yace Yoga

Why mewing is not good

What is Face Posture? In addition to the exercises, I HIGHLY focus on the importance of moving the facial muscles properly for daily facial activities, such as resting face, drinking, eating, smiling, yawning, etc, because face exercises are important and effective, but they are done in a short time. In general, you should be doing […]

Specialist Orthodontist Dr Derek Mahony teaches tongue elevation and Mewing

Correcting Tongue Posture

Dr Derek Mahony discusses tongue elevation exercise with Myospots. Myospots are small pads that adhere to the roof of the mouth and slowly dissolve with tongue elevation. They last for about 45 minutes before dissolving.   For those who practice oral myology, mewing and face yoga, Myospots makes it easy and fun. Dr Mahony discusses […]

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