Tongue Tie

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Tongue-tie is a congenital abnormality of the lingual frenulum that limits the range of movement of the tongue resulting in interference with feeding and speech (J Appl Oral Sci. 2014; 22(3); 241). The usual mode of treatment is surgery to remove the tongue-tie (frenotomy). However, tongue exercise is essential after surgery to entice the tongue […]



The tongue is a critical organ in swallowing, providing the driving force that transport food and liquid through the mouth and pharynx. Fatigue in the tongue muscles may contribute to incomplete food clearance, prolonged time to complete a meal and reduced intake (Angle Orthod. 2015; 86(2); 227). This is a frequent problem in elderly, where […]

Speech Disorders

Teacher spreads out puzzle in front of the child

Abnormal tongue function and decreased tongue muscles tone can be related to speech difficulties (Am J Speech Lang Pathol. 2019; 28(2); 612). Furthermore, the number of tongue movements and the contact points of the tongue with the palate are different in the pronunciation of consonants and words. These can be affected by various tongue malfunctions […]

Digit Sucking

Correcting Tongue Posture

Retraining the tongue to rest against the palate is an effective intervention for treatment of habitual digit (normally the thumb) sucking and prolonged use of pacifiers. If digit-sucking habit persists, malocclusions such as open-bite can develop. Correction of tongue posture and induction of nasal breathing is key in the treatment of habitual digit sucking (Int […]

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