Myospots Nasal Strips


Myospots Nasal Strips (40 strips)

Myospots nasal strips stretch and widen the nostrils to make it easier to breathe through the nose to prevent or reduce snoring.

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Breathing through the nose helps to prevent mouth breathing, which is associated with snoring, poor sleep and other health problems.

But it’s hard to breathe through the nose when your nostrils are narrow or blocked. No matter how hard you try, you’re forced back to mouth breathing.

That’s where Myospots nasal strips can help. The stiff fabric widens your nostrils and holds them open so you can breathe more easily through your nose.

Myospots nasal strips are:

  • Infused with natural peppermint oil: Provides a cool, fresh airflow during sleep and counteracts the effects of allergens like dust or pollen that may contribute to nasal congestion. 
  • Specially engineered hypoallergenic adhesive: Reduces the risk of skin irritations and is easy to remove without leaving residue behind.

How to use Myospots nasal strips

  1. Clean and dry your nose so the strip can attach properly.
  2. Open the protective paper packaging, peel the backing off the strip and gently force it to the lower part of your nose above your nostrils.
  3. Wear the strip while you sleep then slowly peel it off when you wake up.

How to use Myospots nasal strips

Get even better results by pairing with our lip tape

Create a dual effect by using:

  • Myospots nasal strips to keep your nostrils open so you can breathe through your nose.
  • Myospost lip tape to seal your lips together to prevent mouth breathing.


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