Top Tips for Using Myospots

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Training the tongue starts with sticking a Myospot to the roof of the mouth. Read more about the top tips for using Myospots.

Can You Reverse the Effects of Mouth Breathing?

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Can you reverse the effects of mouth breathing? Learn more about the impacts of mouth breathing, how nasal breathing can benefit your overall health and if the effects of mouth breathing can be reversed.

Breathe Easy: How to Stop Breathing Through Your Mouth

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Mouth breathing is more than just an annoying habit – it could lead to a whole host of health problems that could negatively affect your health. Check out our blog post for 6 simple tips to help you fix your mouth breathing and start breathing better.

Could Your Symptoms be Caused by Mouth Breathing?

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Breathing is essential to our survival yet, most of us don’t spend much time thinking about how we breathe.  Oxygen has two ways of getting to our lungs. Through our noses and through our mouths. Ideally, we’d mostly breathe through our noses.  We should only use our mouths when we can’t get enough oxygen through […]

Myospots and Holistic Dentistry: Treat the Mouth, Treat the Body

The Munch Bunch Podcast: Myospots and Holistic Dentistry: Treat the Mouth, Treat the Body

It was such a pleasure featuring on The Munch Bunch Podcast: Myospots and Holistic Dentistry: Treat the Mouth, Treat the Body. In this episode, our very own Dr Shehab Faragallah and Dr Ibrahim El-Deeb discussed a niche within dentistry, holistic dentistry. Keeping things as close to natural as possible. We also discussed how a traditional […]

How Food Affects Your Breath

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While there are lots of ways that you can prevent bad breath, eating the right foods, and avoiding the wrong ones, will reduce your risk of bad breath.

Is Mouth Taping Worth the Hype?

Myospots vs Mouth Tape

While there’s lots of mouth breathing device options available, we dig into the latest viral mouth taping trend that may or may not provide a long term solution to mouth breathing.

If you’re wondering how mouth taping compares to Myospots read this blog, but spoiler alert: as a long term solution, Myospots work best.

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