Hi Everyone! My name is Janice and I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 14 years. I have made other videos explaining the importance of properly breathing through your nose and to avoid mouth breathing for optimal health and appearance. Today I will review and demo MYOSPOTS which is a myofunctional tool (think tongue building exercise) that can help you train your tongue to sit on the roof of your mouth (Where it should rest!) Just like sitting up straight and having good posture our tongue and mouth need to have good oral posture as well. Mouth breathing can negatively affect your dental health, appearance and overall well being. This is a must watch-especially if you have young children! This product can help people who mouth breath, tongue thrust, thumb/finger suck, sleep apnea sufferers, have difficulty swallowing, speech disorders, oral malocclusions and helps to prevent relapse of lingual frenulum after removal of tongue-tie.