Tongue elevation
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What are MyoSpots and how do they work?

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Tongue elevation exercise (known also as mewing) is a technique that is used to improve facial aesthetics and jawline. It is also a key exercise in Face Yoga and involves placing the tongue against the roof of the mouth while closing the lips (forming a lip seal).

The benefits of tongue elevation exercise include a well-defined jawline, improved alignment of the chin and nose and improved nasal breathing.

How can myospots train you to breathe through your nose?

Correct Tongue Posture
Correct Tongue Posture
Correct Tongue Posture

Please note the following when attaching the spot to the roof of your mouth:

Myospots are not sticky and this is why they do not stick to each other in the container or to your fingers when you hold them. Myospots are made of hygroscopic materials that tend to absorb moisture quickly from the surroundings, this is how it adheres to the palate, since it sticks easily to wet surfaces under the moisture effect.
If the roof of the mouth is too dry (which is the usual case in chronic mouth breathers) the spot will not adhere easily. If you find it difficult to adhere the spot to the roof of your mouth, please try the following: take a sip of water before using the spot, and moisten the roof of your mouth with the tip of the tongue for a few seconds, then apply the spot. If your child is the one who is doing the exercise, make sure when they start elevating the tongue not to force the spot off, but to press over it with tongue surface.

Advantages of Myospots induces exercise over routine Tongue Elevation Exercises

User Convenience

User convenience

Myospots are sweetened with stevia, have nice colours and fruit flavours to make them appealing to both adults and children and to increase user convenience and satisfaction. They can be introduced to kids as a kind of treat rather than a treatment.

Ease of use by users of all ages

Ease of use by users of all ages

Tongue elevation exercise has always been challenging and close guidance is needed to make sure the exercise is being done correctly and that the tongue is elevating and resting on the correct spot. With Myospots, things are much easier as the adhered spot guides the tongue to the correct place it needs to rest on.

Better adherence

Better adherence

A common problem with all types of exercise is dedication. With Myospots, you do not need to dedicate a time for your exercise. All you need to do is to place the spot on the palate and your tongue will do the exercise unconsciously while you are doing your daily routine. Using Myospots, one can practice tongue elevation exercise while reading, driving, working or watching TV.

A standardized exercise

A standardized exercise

Each spot provides 45-50 min of tongue elevation exercise. Accordingly, by using the prescribed number of spots for the specified period of time you can be more confident of the outcome.

Unconscious exercise

Unconscious exercise

The unconscious tongue elevation exercise is also very efficient in growing an unconscious habit, since changing the habit of mouth breathing into nasal breathing and growing a new habit of tongue elevation and lip seal requires the creation of a new habit in the unconscious mind that continues while both awake and asleep.


Using MYOSPOTS daily for a 8-10 weeks will help you increase the strength of tongue muscles, correct tongue posture and develop the habit of nasal breathing.

Backed By Research

Myospots are listed as class-1 medical device with Australian
Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG-326829) and have a European GPSD (General Product Safety Directive) certificate.

Correcting Tongue Posture

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