Tongue exercise can help you change mouth breathing habit.

Why breathing through your mouth is bad for your health?

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It all starts with your tongue!
Tongue posture and breathing pattern.

mouth breathing treatment with Myospots

In mouth breathing the tongue sits low in order to allow for the passage of the air to the lungs through the mouth. This results in air turbulence during sleep and causes snoring. Furthermore, since the tongue sits low, it can fall backwards during sleep and partially or completely block the airways, resulting in sleep apnea.

nose breathing benefits with Myospots

On the other hand, when the tongue rests against the roof of the mouth it blocks the oral air passage to prevent breathing through the mouth and promotes nasal breathing. The elevated tongue posture also prevents the tongue from falling back during sleep to block the airways.


Place a MYOSPOT on your, dry, clean thumb.

a girl putting Myospots tongue exercise spots on the roof of the tongue

Force the spot against the anterior part of the palate with gentle force for 10 Orphan words.

a mouth open girl looking up with a Myospots on the roof of mouth

Remove your thumb and keep pressing the SPOT using your tongue until it dissolves.

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Myospots Tongue Thrust Exercise Spots

What are Myospots made from?

Myospots are made of safe, natural ingredients. The product is designed in Australia by Myospots Australia Pty LTd and is manufactured by Acino Pharma in Switzerland under European GMP.

The main composition of Myospots is a mixture of Algae agar, cellulose gum and xanthan gum. In addition, there are small concentrations of the following: stevia (sweetener), natural fruit flavour (banana, blueberry or strawberry), natural colour and a safe preservative (potassium sorbate) to protect the product against microbial growth. 

There is no gluten, soy or dairy products in composition. There is also no animal derived product in the composition, making Myospots suitable for vegans, Halal and kosher users.

Myospots are listed as class-1 medical device with Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG-326829) and have a European GPSD (General Product Safety Directive) certificate.

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