Myospots Lip Tape


Myospots lip tape (pack of 40)

Myospots lip tape helps you keep your mouth closed while you sleep so you can breathe through your nose and avoid snoring.

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Keeping your mouth closed while you sleep encourages you to breathe through your nose, which helps to reduce snoring and wake up feeling refreshed.

But you don’t want to feel like your lips are glued shut! That’s why Myospots lip tape reminds you to keep your lips together rather than forcefully sealing them. The unique stretchy nature of our lip tape allows for partial mouth opening that allows air through at the tape’s sides if your nose gets blocked during sleep.

Myospots lip tape:

  • Adheres to lips and not surrounding skin – an excellent option for anyone with facial hair!
  • Can stretch to allow limited mouth breathing under stress.
  • Can be used during exercise for intense hypoxia training.
  • Features a specially engineered hypoallergenic adhesive that helps prevent skin irritations and is easy to remove without leaving residue (gently rinse your lips with water after removal).
  • Can be attached horizontally across the lips or vertically, depending on your preference.
  • Can be made smaller if you like by cutting along the green dotted line.

How to use Myospots lip tape

During sleep

  • Start slowly by taping for 20 minutes a day to get used to the feel of the tape and of breathing through your nose.
  • After that, start wearing overnight. Put the lip tape over your lips horizontally or vertically depending on your preference then keep it on while you sleep.
  • Gently remove it in the morning and rinse your lips with water.

During exercise

  • Start by using the tape for 10 minutes a day, gradually building up to 30-60 minutes.
  • Continuing nasal breathing throughout the day is essential to maximise the health benefits.

Get even better results by pairing with our nasal strips

Create a dual effect by using:

  • Myospots nasal strips to keep your nostrils open so you can breathe though your nose.
  • Myospost lip tape to seal your lips together to prevent mouth breathing.


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