Tongue exercise spots


Myospots tongue exercise spots

Myospots tongue exercise spots are small dissolvable pads that adhere to the roof of the mouth. They help to improve breathing and correct tongue posture through facilitated tongue elevation exercises.

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Myospots tongue exercise spots are a trusted myofunctional therapy tool for kids and adults. Choose from strawberry, banana or blueberry – they’re all delicious.

These small, dissolvable spots are made from all-natural ingredients and stick easily to the roof of the mouth. Repeatedly touching the tongue to the Myospot helps to train correct tongue posture to develop the habit of breathing through the nose, not the mouth.

Why is that important? Because mouth breathing is associated with several harmful outcomes, including dental problems, irritability, enlarged tonsils, difficulty concentrating and sleepiness.

Changing the tongue’s resting posture can help to reduce mouth breathing. When the tongue rests on the roof of the mouth, it blocks the oral airway and encourages you to breathe properly through your nose.

How do Myospots tongue elevation spots work?

Myospots tongue exercise spots offer an easy (and tasty!) approach to tongue exercises, which can help to reduce:

Using Myospots tongue exercise spots

Here's what we love about Myospots

Myospots are easy to use and great for kids*.

They will improve tongue posture naturally.

Myospots come in three tasty flavours: banana, blueberry and strawberry.

Healthy - all-natural ingredients, vegan, and sugar-free.

They treat the root cause, therefore Myospots will be more effective than symptom management.

If used correctly, Myospots will assist in changing breathing habits from mouth to nasal breathing.

What if the spot doesn’t stick?

Myospots tongue exercise spots are not actually sticky, which is why they don’t stick to each other in the container or to your fingers when you hold them.

Our tongue exercise spots are made of hygroscopic materials that absorb moisture from their surroundings. However, if the roof of your mouth is too dry (which is common among mouth breathers), the spot may not stick easily.

If that happens, please:

What are Myospots made of?

The main composition of Myospots is a mixture of Algae agar, cellulose gum and xanthan gum. In addition, there are small concentrations of the following: stevia (sweetener), natural fruit essential oil (banana, blueberry or strawberry), natural colour and a safe preservative (potassium sorbate) to protect the product against microbial growth. The yellow colour in the banana-flavoured spots is (Carthamus Concentrate), the blue colour in the blueberry-flavoured spots is (Spirulina Blue) and the red colour in strawberry-flavoured spots is (strawberry anthocyanin). There is no gluten, soy, nuts or dairy products in composition.

Ordering Guide

Pricing AUD (100 spot bottles)

  • 1 - 4 $55 AUD
  • 5 - 9 $50 AUD
  • 10 - 19 $45 AUD
  • 20 OR MORE $40 AUD

Pricing USD (100 spot bottles)

  • 1 - 4 $38 USD
  • 5 - 9 $35 USD
  • 10 - 19 $32 USD
  • 20 OR MORE $28 USD
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