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Myospots are small, dissolvable pads that adhere easily to the roof of the mouth to treat mouth breathing, improving snoring and sleep apnea.  

Did you know?

Tongue exercises over a period of 3-4 months are effective in reducing snoring by 59% and reducing obstructive sleep apnea by more than 39%.

References: Chest 2015, 148, 683; Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2009, 179, 962; Sleep 2015, 38, 669

How does Myospots improve snoring and sleep apnea?

Correct Tongue Posture

Myospots is a unique and popular new tool for tongue elevation exercises, which treats mouth breathing fast. Habitual mouth-breathing is one of the common causes of sleep-breathing difficulties (e.g; snoring and obstructive sleep apnea), where during sleep the mouth remains open and the mandible drops backwards causing the soft tissue (including the tongue) to collapse the airway.

Developing a better habit of nasal breathing during the day will improve tongue posture and breathing at night, encouraging breathing with the mouth closed. This can address the root cause of conditions such as sleep apnea, rather than just treating the symptoms. This simple and easy treatment can even be used at home.

Myospots is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. You can simply adhere the spot to the roof of your mouth, and do your tongue exercises subconsciously while you continue working on your daily routine.

Tongue elevation exercises can help to improve tongue strength and can actually correct habitual mouth breathing. You may not have ever heard about it before, but tongue posture is closely related to breathing patterns. If the tongue is sitting on the floor of the mouth, it can lead to mouth breathing and make proper nasal breathing difficult. However, when the tongue is resting at the top of the mouth the oral airway is blocked, encouraging nasal breathing and correct dental development.

Myospots are small discs that adhere easily to the roof of the mouth and slowly dissolve in saliva when your tongue elevates to touch and rest on them. The spot takes about an hour to dissolve, and it will improve your tongue placement over this time by guiding your tongue to the correct position. This will train the tongue muscles to have the correct posture, increase tongue muscle strength and help prevent mouth breathing.

Myospots three flavours
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Here’s what we love about Myospots:

Great for Kids

Myospots are easy to use and great for kids*.

tongue posture

They will improve tongue posture naturally.

Three flavors

Myospots come in three tasty flavours: banana, blueberry and strawberry.


Healthy - all-natural ingredients, vegan, and sugar-free.


They treat the root cause, therefore Myospots will be more effective than symptom management.

ease symptoms of mouth breathing

If used correctly, Myospots changes the breathing habit from mouth to nasal breathing.

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Disclaimer: Information is general and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Results may vary, depending on the individual.

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