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Digit Sucking

Importance of Tongue Exercise

Kleines Maedchen nuckelt im Schlaf am Daumen. Little girl sucks on her thumb

Retraining the tongue to rest against the palate is an effective intervention for treatment of habitual digit (normally the thumb) sucking and prolonged use of pacifiers.

If digit-sucking habit persists, malocclusions such as open-bite can develop.

Correction of tongue posture and induction of nasal breathing is key in the treatment of habitual digit sucking (Int Dent J. 2015; 65(5); 235).

Solutions for

Digit Sucking

MYOSPOTS are small, circular pads, made of biodegradable natural polymers that are safe for internal use. They have nice colours and flavours that give them a pleasant look and taste and are Vegan friendly.

Using MYOSPOTS daily for several months can help change the tongue posture to rest against the palate.

The MYOSPOTS tongue exercise can be employed in the treatment of a range of conditions that involve weakness of tongue muscles.

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