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We breathe in and out 22,000 times per day. Our nose acts as a filter for the air that we are breathing, and helps us to absorb enough oxygen. When we breathe with our mouth, it affects our posture and health in serious ways.


Why you need to pay attention to mouth breathing.

We breathe in and out 22,000 times per day. Our nose acts as a filter for the air that we are breathing, and helps us to absorb enough oxygen. When we breathe with our mouth, it affects our posture and health in serious ways.

Mouth breathing can cause a range of worrying symptoms from crooked teeth to bad breath and gum disease. Especially in children, mouth breathing can cause dental problems, irritability, enlarged tonsils, difficulty concentrating and sleepiness.

Evidence has shown that mouth breathing can not only induce obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but it can also worsen it by causing nasal resistance and airway collapse. Nasal resistance can induce further congestion and worsen OSA in a positive feedback loop. This makes it a significant phenomenon to investigate in patients experiencing idiopathic OSA or daytime sleepiness.

Mouth breathing is only now gaining awareness and is likely to be frequently overlooked by healthcare practitioners. Even for those who identify the problem in their patients, there has not been a simple tool they can offer their patients in order to address this problem – until now.

Did you know that it’s possible to improve these symptoms with a tasty, easy and useful product?

Myospots three flavours

Developed based on the latest research into myofunctional therapy, Myospots is a unique and popular new tool for tongue elevation exercises.

Myospots, a must-have tool in Myofunctional therapy.

Myospots is an effective, affordable and evidence-based method to improve tongue posture and encourage correct nasal breathing techniques. Flavoured, dissolvable tabs are placed on the roof of the mouth to train the patient’s tongue to stay in the correct position and are enjoyed in three flavours. This encourages patient compliance – especially in children.

Myospots are suitable for a wide range of healthcare professionals who are interested in addressing mouth breathing or in myofunctional therapy.

Here’s why this innovation can’t be overlooked:

Speech Therapists

Speech pathologists

A unique tool to cue the tongue into various positions and assist in the articulation of sounds. The pleasant taste encourages patient uptake.



Myospots are used to assist in naturally aligning teeth, improving nasal breathing and reducing relapse of orthodontic treatment.



Myospots can be used to improve neck posture build strength and assist in holding post adjustments.

General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Can help correct mouth breathing to reduce the frequency of tonsillitis, adenoiditis as well as snoring and sleep apnea.

Help your patients identify mouth breathing symptoms.

How do they work?

Correct Tongue Posture
Correct Tongue Posture
Correct Tongue Posture

Please note the following when attaching the spot to the roof of your mouth:

Myospots are not sticky and this is why they do not stick to each other in the container or to your fingers when you hold them. Myospots are made of hygroscopic materials that tend to absorb moisture quickly from the surroundings, this is how it adheres to the palate, since it sticks easily to wet surfaces under the moisture effect.
If the roof of the mouth is too dry (which is the usual case in chronic mouth breathers) the spot will not adhere easily. If you find it difficult to adhere the spot to the roof of your mouth, please try the following: take a sip of water before using the spot, and moisten the roof of your mouth with the tip of the tongue for a few seconds, then apply the spot. If your child is the one who is doing the exercise, make sure when they start elevating the tongue not to force the spot off, but to press over it with tongue surface.

Key benefits of Myospots:

Learn more about the research behind this novel invention!


Myospots are creating a future where you can breathe easy. And experts agree.


Consumer not a practitioner 

Nikita Austin

Speech Pathologist 

Dr Derek Mahony

Specialist Orthodontist 

Cheree Wheaton


Dr Donny Mandrawa



Myospots do not contain gluten or other allergy-causing proteins, soy or dairy products. So they are suitable for coeliac consumers and those who are allergic to soy, dairy and nut products.
Myospots do not contain animal-derived products. Therefore, they are suitable for vegans.
We do not recommend the use of Myospots for Infants under 2 years of age. Children under 6 years of age should use the product under adult supervision.

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Myospots add great and easy value to your practice

They help to increase patient satisfaction. We offer wholesale rates on bulk orders to healthcare practitioners so that the savings add up. Why not add an extra tool to your practice? Order your free sample today – so that your patients can breathe easy.

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