How to make Myospots stick

Christina learns to nasal breathe with the aid of Myospots Tongue elevation exercise

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1gSmzqWDrI Myospots are small “spots” that stick to your palate and slowly dissolve with tongue elevation. In the time it takes for Myospot to dissolve, your tongue gets stronger and learns to stay elevated. In this video, Janna Kremez, an oral myologist and breathing expert, explains how make Myospots stick.

Newborn Mouth Breathing: When Should You Worry About Baby Mouth Breathing?

Mouth breathing baby

Parenthood might bring days filled with tiny baby grunts, adorable stretches, and heartwarming smiles.   For new parents, Google quests for answers to all things baby-related are common. Some frequent questions that pop up relate to newborn breathing, like, ‘When do babies start breathing through their mouth?’ And ‘Can babies breathe through their mouth when congested?’  […]

Meet hydroxyapatite toothpaste: a fluoride-free alternative for your pearly whites

Meet hydroxyapatite toothpaste: a fluoride-free alternative for your pearly whites Featured image

Fluoride toothpaste has long been a household name in dental care, celebrated for its role in keeping teeth healthy. However, the cautionary tales about fluoride toxicity at higher doses have prompted many to explore non-toxic alternatives.  This is why at Myospots we’re reinventing toothpaste. We’ve used all-natural ingredients including Nano-hydroxyapatite to create a non-toxic, kid-friendly […]

Unlocking Better Sleep: Myospots Lip Tape vs. Traditional Mouth Tape

Unlocking Better Sleep: Myospots Lip Tape vs. Traditional Mouth Tape Featured image

Do you breathe through your mouth while you sleep?  Are you tired of waking up feeling groggy, with a dry mouth or bad breath? Do you often find yourself getting nudged awake in the middle of the night because of your snoring?  You’re not alone. Many struggle with mouth breathing while sleeping, which might impact […]

Reshaping Health Through Nasal Breathing with Dr. Shehab Faragalla

The Untethered Podcast

Originally posted on https://untetheredpodcast.com/2024/03/09/episode-260-reshaping-health-through-nasal-breathing-with-dr-shehab-faragallah/ This week on the podcast, Hallie welcomes back Dr. Shehab Faragallah, a seasoned dentist with more than 20 years of experience on the Gold Coast. Since 2017, he has been dedicatedly serving at Gold Coast Holistic Dental Care. Dr. Faragalla is particularly passionate about oral myology and is a co-founder of […]

Oral Ties with Dr Shehab Faragallah

The Face Place

About this episode Ep 17: TMAT Series: Oral Ties with Dr Shehab Faragallah This episode is a sample of a practitioner interview in my parent program Tell Me About Ties. Dr Shehab Faragallah joined me to share his experience with Orofacial Myology, oral ties and the MyoSpots products he has developed as a result. Dr Shehab […]

What Is Mewing and How Does Myospots Help You Do It?

What is mewing and how does Myospots help you do it? - Featured image.

Have you heard of ‘mewing’? Despite its name conjuring feline images, mewing has nothing to do with cats. In fact, it’s a practice that has existed since the 1970s and has gone on to gain widespread attention online in recent years. This mewing exercise involves keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, with […]

Nose breathing vs mouth breathing

Nose breathing vs mouth breathing featured image - man standing breathing through his nose, expressing comfort, ocean backdrop.

Breathing provides us with the oxygen we need to survive. It’s one of the most important things we do, yet for many of us, the act of breathing largely goes unnoticed. If you pay attention to your breathing for a moment, chances are, it’s your nose doing the heavy lifting. In general, breathing through your […]

The Surprising Connection Between Mouth Breathing and Child Behaviour

Cute kid poking head around a corner

If you’ve been reading our articles for a while, you’re likely familiar with the many negative impacts that mouth breathing can have on your health. From dry mouth and bad breath to dental problems and changes in facial shape, the consequences of mouth breathing can be surprisingly wide-ranging. One issue we’ve only briefly touched on […]

Top Tips for Using Myospots

Close up picture of a hand making a thumbs-up gesture. There is a MyoSpot balancing on the thumb.

Training the tongue starts with sticking a Myospot to the roof of the mouth. Read more about the top tips for using Myospots.

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